Traveling between Schiphol Airport and the event is easiest by train. There is a train station inside the airport which offers a direct connection to station "Ede-Wageningen". This trip takes about 1.5 hours and the fee is approximately 14 euro per person, single trip. Taking the train is advisable over car travel due to the traffic on Friday afternoons.

Call +316 50666998 for a swift pick up.

The registration desk is opened between 16:00 hours and 23:00 hours.

No, not really because you need to attend the mandatory safety briefing at 19:30 hours!

NO! Alcohol and firearms is a big NO-NO, so make sure you follow the "2 Can Rule" on Friday.

The allowance for two cans of "commercially of the shelf" alcoholic beverages per person, per day (typically beer). This allows for the enjoyment of a nice drink while maintaining motoric and cognitive capabilities.

You'll risk being denied to shoot the excercise(s) rendering your team practically chanceless to win anything.

Busses will shuttle between the barracks and the ranges to transport the teams. Right after the opening on Saturday morning the busses will start from the square to bring the teams that have to shoot first to the ranges. Afterwards the busses will stop in front of building 128 (SAT) building.

During the registration the team captain will receive a timetable which holds all the teams and the time and location of the exercises.

We have a bad visibility (fog) program that we can invoke. Before the first team shoots, the necessity of invoking the fog program is evaluated by the range commander. Once invoked, it remains in place for the rest of the teams as well.

Lunch will be brought to the shooting ranges, so please make sure that you catch a shuttle bus to the ranges around lunch time.

After we have counted all the scores and there appears to be a draw, we will call the cell phone number of the team captain (only once) to meet us with the shooter at the SAT building where we will have a barrage. If one of the team captains can't be reached and/or the shooter is not present within 15 minutes, the win goes to the other shooter. If both shooters don't show up, a flip of the coin will decide their fate.

The dress code is mess dress, or any local equivalent. Ceremonial dresses are very welcome because they express the rich tradition of the armed forces they represent.

Yes, you certainly are! Please state your intention to speech at L-Col Gijs van Eijk and he will make sure that you will get the opportunity.

Included as in "it's available at the gala dinner", yes. Included as in "it's included in the participation fee", no.

No, the Colt Trophy has been donated to the NISC by Colt Canada and is one of only three in the world. Winning teams will get their name engraved on it and a memorabilia about winning it to take home.

The most important aspect of the NISC is without any doubt: SAFETY!!!